The Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Program

A number of years ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed a new pension program designed to provide financial assistance to veterans and their surviving spouse who need extra care and lack the funds necessary to provide that extra care.

The Aid and Attendance program is not new, but it is often overlooked by families with veterans or surviving spouses. Veterans can qualify for the benefit if they served in the military during a period of war, meet the VA’s income requirements and are unable to carry out certain activities of daily living, including feeding, dressing or toileting.

The VA can take as long as six months to process an Aid and Attendance application. Unlike Medicaid, the VA pension is relatively easy to qualify for and provides substantial advantages over other need-based programs.
There are several requirements for eligibility, but we have specialists who can help individuals who may qualify for this remarkable pension program. You may well be on your way to accessing the benefit you so truly deserve.